Contract Manager

Contract Manager

Contraxx will transform the contract manager’s set of tools from spreadsheets and complex filing systems to a streamlined, automated system with perfect and immediate access to information.

The Simplicity of Contraxx
The Contraxx suite of products features a simple user interface that facilitates rapid user adoption and organization. Contraxx was built from the ground up with input from thousands of contract management professionals across many industries. Every effort has been made to create a user-friendly system that facilitates all contract management functions from contract assembly through renewal to satisfying end-of-contract obligations.

Instant Access to Information
Contraxx puts all contracts at the manager’s fingertips. The document repository with full text search capability provides immediate access to actual contract language, reducing research time and overall expense.

Automate Workflow Processes
With the Contraxx automated workflow processes, contract managers are assured that approvals, notifications and alerts go into effect for every contract at the right time and involve the right people. Any overlap in workflow will be immediately flagged and dealt with appropriately.

Customized Reporting Tools
Contract managers can report on the status of contracts across the enterprise using reporting tools that offer both standard dashboard views and customized reports using ad hoc queries.

Securely Disseminate Information
The Contraxx suite provides a business-useful contract information repository, accessible to both local and off-site employees through LAN, WAN or the Internet. Contract information can be shared through an enterprise, using security flags to ensure that appropriate access is granted according to the type of business user.