Finance/Business Affairs

Finance/Business Affairs

When it comes to business, contracts can dictate financial activity. Effective contract management is critical in realizing sales, controlling expenses and ultimately in determining profits. The Contraxx suite of products offers finance professionals the insight and tools needed to increase profitability, mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

Maximize Assets
Contraxx allows organizations to identify, immediately and at low labor cost, the exact rights available for asset utilization. Finance professionals can collect all contracts linked to a specific asset to ensure the company is optimizing its financial performance.

Comply with Crucial Contract Dates
Contraxx helps organizations minimize risk associated from missing crucial contract dates with  notifications and alerts. Contracts are renewed on time and unwanted contracts are terminated immediately on expiration. The Contraxx suite also manages other date-related provisions that can exist in contracts, including late fees, payment terms, volume discounts, option dates and maintenance requirements.

Comply with Regulatory Requirements
The Contraxx suite creates a culture of compliance that supports organizations in satisfying regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, EPA, etc. Regulatory compliance involves both the preparation of the contract and also throughout the life of the contract and its ongoing obligations.

Optimize Employee Productivity
By replacing manual processes with an automated and streamlined system, the Contraxx suite significantly reduces the time and cost associated with contract management. Contraxx also  increases productivity by making contracts quickly and easily accessible.