Contraxx is designed so that most implementations can be completed with no programming. The system is easy to maintain for IT professionals and offers unparalleled flexibility to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Open Integration

Contraxx uses an SQL-standard, non-proprietary architecture to allow easy integration with other enterprise systems or business processes. We have integrated Contraxx with virtually every major financial and ERP system on the market. Both “in-house” and “hosted” (ASP) models are available.

Robust Security
The Contraxx security engine ensures that the right person has access to the right data, enterprise-wide. Contract information can be restricted by provision, contract type, contract attribute, organization and more. Audit trails can be maintained, logging when each change was made and who made it.

Flexible Modeling Technology
XML-based contract modeling allows your system to keep pace as your business changes, without additional programming. Contraxx is designed to capture the unique structure and data requirements for each of your organization’s contract types, while maintaining a standardized method of entering, analyzing and reporting on that data.

Save Resources vs In-House System
The Contraxx solution is feature-rich, flexible, integrated and secure. Our system allows you to take advantage of our vast experience to deliver your exact performance requirements without investing the time and resources required to develop a proprietary system.