Message from CEO, Richard Eckerstrom

Message from CEO, Richard Eckerstrom

We are excited to celebrate 30 years in business, delivering tailored, effective Contract Management software solutions to customers, large and small, across various industries. As we celebrate this milestone, I reflect upon the passion and drive it took to develop our Contraxx product­­, qualities that are still prevalent today in our dedicated, knowledgeable staff. Over the years, “initial implementation” clients have turned into valued, long-term relationships and they now enjoy numerous iterations of innovation and product growth with us.

Continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation, we regularly implement new core product releases thanks to helpful suggestions from our customers. This year, Ecteon is focused on improving the intuitive user interface, broadening integration to new function and offering new ways to connect, access and analyze contract data.

In the marketplace, we see a lot of volatility: from supplier consolidations and product abandonment to new market entrants focused on basic functionality to attempts to translate UI design to contract management and broadened tools integration. We are proud to have the 30-year legacy of Contraxx and commitment to our customers that brings strength and reliability to the CLM market. Our commitment to implement quality solutions and offer reliable product support is only renewed when we remember our incredible business journey.

Customers can expect us to strengthen our solution platform, introduce new ways to leverage contract data to vertical industries, improve our communications with contract managers and extend our partner network to bring more capability. The market requires continuous innovation and Ecteon is committed to doing just that in order to stay ahead of industry best practices.

Sincere regards,

Richard Eckerstrom