Getting Started Overview

Getting Started Overview

What is Contract Management Software?
Contract Management Software enables you to optimize the lifetime value of your business relationships by centralizing, standardizing and systemizing the entire contract lifecycle, from creation through expiration or renewal. Whether you need to manage contracts for sales, procurement, employment, or any other type of agreement, Ecteon’s Contraxx® is the answer. Contraxx lets you create, capture, manage, report and analyze all business agreements, effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of Contract Management Software Contract Lifecycle Management
Contraxx lets you say goodbye to manual processes and time-consuming paperwork.

Increased Demand for Contract Management Software
Paper contracts, filing systems and spreadsheets no longer fit into today’s complex marketplace. Organizations that manage contracts manually may miss crucial dates or let terms slip by, causing a loss of profits. A fragmented contract management system can result in inconsistent terminology and operating inefficiencies. For these reasons, and many others, organizations are turning to contract management software.

Contraxx: A Proven Track Record
Ecteon has been developing contract management systems since 1986, longer than any other company in the world. The result? Contraxx has a exceptional track record in contract management software. With a suite of Contraxx products, Ecteon delivers flexibility and features for any business.

Contract management. On your terms.