Why Choose Contraxx

Why Choose Contraxx

The key to understanding Ecteon’s contract solution is to understand that our solution is really your solution. With a suite of Contraxx products, Ecteon and Contraxx can provide management to businesses of any size. Whether you select Contraxx One Team or Enterprise, we guarantee a system that adapts to you.  Our suite of products ensures you buy at the right level and can move throughout the levels to be as cost effective as possible.

Contract management on your terms.

Our Story
Ecteon has been developing contract management systems since 1986. Our Contraxx suite of products embodies this heritage. It was built from the ground up based on feedback from thousands of contract managers. The system is feature-rich, flexible, scalable, integrated and secure and designed to adapt to your unique contract management needs.

Our People
We are a profitable, employee-owned company that prides itself on high customer satisfaction and low staff turnover. Our management team has 72 years’ combined experience, and our Senior Client Partners, who handle customer implementation and ongoing support, have similar long-term experience. We are committed to providing the world’s leading contract management solution — on your terms, of course.

Our Record
With 30 years invested in contract management research and development, Ecteon has more experience in creating effective software solutions than any other company in the world.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Eighty percent of customers who test Contraxx against any competitor software choose Contraxx.
  • Ninety-eight percent implementation success rate.
  • Nearly half of Contraxx enterprise customers have expanded the scope of their Contraxx implementation since their original purchase.

As the proven leader in contract management software, Contraxx suite of products offers unparalleled flexibility to meet your organization’s unique needs.