Webinar: Creating an Innovation Model for Dekra Group Companies

Ecteon is please to partner with IACCM to host a webinar that shares the success story of customer BST-Dekra Group focused on incremental innovation in Contract Management implementation.

Attendees will learn: 

  • How BST/DEKRA approached a new CLM change
  • BST/DEKRA’s results to-date, as they gradually expanded over several years 
  • How BST/DEKRA managed the adoption throughout multiple organizations and corporate groups
  • The positive impact of global corporate adoption now in its future
  • How they can build a long-term vision and roadmap to enhance CLM adoption within their own business enterprise

Learn from their experience and see how their ideas can work for you, too!


  • Tim Cummins, President and CEO of IACCM
  • Joannie Morgan, BST/DEKRA Director of Legal Operations
  • Cathy Fracasse, Senior Implementation Manager at Ecteon

Register for the webinar here: http://unbouncepages.com/iaccm-webinar-2/