Benefits Overview

Benefits Overview

Contraxx provides all employees visibility into your business relationships. With that level of access to information, business users at all levels of the organization can make sound decisions to increase profits, mitigate risks and ensure a culture of compliance.


The Contraxx suite serves two vital functions:
1) It’s the hub for centralizing, standardizing and systemizing your contracts.
2) It lets your business achieve bottom line results. Reporting and analytic tools supported by Contraxx will increase profits, mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

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Contract Manager

Contraxx will transform the contract manager’s set of tools from spreadsheets and complex filing systems to a streamlined, automated system with perfect and immediate access to information.

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Finance/Business Affairs

When it comes to business, contracts can dictate financial activity. Effective contract management is critical in realizing sales, controlling expenses and ultimately in determining profits. The Contraxx suite of products offers finance professionals the insight and tools needed to increase profitability, mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

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Contraxx is designed so that most implementations can be completed with no programming. The system is easy to maintain for IT professionals and offers unparalleled flexibility to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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The legal department’s ability to protect a company’s assets depends on its own controls and workflow processes in drafting, maintaining and renewing contracts for the entire organization. The Contraxx suite provides a comprehensive contract management system than legal departments can rely on.

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Buy-side contracts help ensure that all business users have the supplies and materials needed to be successful in their respective roles. The source-to-settle cycle contains many contractual details that determine company expenses and directly affect profitability. Contraxx lets organizations monitor these details throughout the contract life cycle, ensuring vendor compliance and increasing profitability.

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The quote-to-cash cycle encompasses many contractual factors that determine company revenue. These factors include pricing and discounts, order management, delivery schedules, invoicing and payment terms.

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Senior Executives

The key to understanding Ecteon’s contract solution is to understand that our solution is really your solution. We provide a platform for you to take your processes, your knowledge and your competitive advantages and harness them through a highly flexible contract management system that adapts to you, rather than requiring you to adapt to itContract management on your terms.