Contraxx™ boosted by Exxtractor-AI™ plus Connect-API™: Your total solution to contract management


Our software solution Contraxx is more powerful than ever when enabled with the artificial intelligence Exxtractor-AI module as well as the Connect-API module that allows for smooth API integration with multiple enterprise systems.

Contraxx as a stand-alone contract management software solution is impressive. Adding both modules elevates Contraxx beyond its own great features and benefits to provide an even more comprehensive enterprise-wide solution that mid to large companies need today.

Contraxx is a well-recognized, nationally leading, enterprise-wide contract management solution that is able to be tailored to your business objectives. It is the pre-eminent CLM solution for almost any industry – and has been for years.

Now that Contraxx can be strengthened by Exxtractor-AI, our patented, natural language-intelligence module, you will be able to more quickly create, control and conclude the drafting, review, and negotiation processes. Your legal department will appreciate the provision language leverage Exxtractor-AI provides when added to Contraxx.

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Our Patented Artificial Intelligence Module to Enhance Contraxx


The legal team my decide to adopt the additional language alternatives and add it to the library of pre-vetted provisions, classified by the legal team as Preferred, Acceptable, Discouraged, or Unacceptable (“PADU”). This can be done directly from the contract itself, without the need to manually create the new provision in the library.


Extract metadata from any contract document: Using provisions in the provision library, Migrate-AI can identify specific values (e.g. Effective Date, State of Governing Law) in legacy agreements and in third party contracts, and populate those fields in the Contraxx record.

Import historical contract documents: Exxtractor-AI can also run in batch mode, which enables it to import multiple historical documents at once. Using metadata extraction and provision identification, Migrate-AI reads in document files, parses the data, and creates clean, reportable Contraxx™ records.


Minimize risk by using pre-vetted language: Exxtractor-AI™ will identify provisions and present the user with the standard, approved language for each provision. The contract creator may also have the ability to select alternative versions that have been pre-vetted and classified by the legal team as Preferred, Acceptable, Discouraged, or Unacceptable (“PADU”). Alternative versions can also be designed to require approval for usage in any contract.

Auto-suggest similar language: When a contract document is loaded into Contraxx, Exxtractor-AI will match each provision to known provisions in the provision library and determine its degree of similarity to the existing language. Exxtractor-AI then presents the similar existing language to the user, enabling standards to be more easily achieved across contracts.

Streamline approval of non-standard language: If undesirable or non-standard language persists, Exxtractor-AI can seamlessly enable escalated approvals according to a pre-defined ruleset.

Reduce negotiation and approval time: By suggesting pre-approved provision language, Exxtractor-AI allows the negotiator to select approved language, thus bypassing the typically lengthy approval process. This in turn frees up the approvers to focus on mitigating risk elsewhere


Support due diligence processes: Compliance-AI can determine the presence of key provisions and automatically populate a compliance checklist for due diligence purposes. This allows the contract administrator and legal team to see right away whether or not certain key provisions exist in the draft; it also provides provision-level visibility across all contracts in reporting and analytics.

Easily prepare for compliance audits: With all contract provisions in reportable format, preparation and support for compliance audits is as straightforward as running reports.

Analyze contracts at the provision level: All contract provisions, whether on company paper or third-party paper, will be accessible for reporting and analysis to gain insight into provision usage across the organization. Examples:
- See how many times a provision was used in a given time period
- Find out how many times a non-standard version of a provision was used
- Discover who is negotiating contracts with non-standard language


Integrates Contraxx with Enterprise-Level Systems

Contraxx 9.0

Our software solution Contraxx is more powerful than ever when enabled with the artificial intelligence Exxtractor-AI module as well as the Connect-API module that allows for smooth API integration with multiple enterprise systems.


Whether it’s for AR, Billing, Revenue Management, or Compliance, Analytics and Planning, your financial systems are some of the most pivotal in your organization. Our Connect-API will help get important and relevant data into your contracts efficiently and accurately.


Connect-API enables Contraxx to easily, quickly and accurately bring the data from your Customer Relationship (CRM) as well as other systems, into your contracts.


Contracts are highly valued by HR departments everywhere. Our Connect-API™ module integrates your data to support HRM and other systems for your own contracting needs.

Authentication & Security

Our Connect-API module supports strong security across your enterprise level systems. It can detect and prevent API attacks and breaches early on to minimize impact.

Furthermore, when the Connect-API module is added to Contraxx, effective integration with other enterprise software will then provide you the best of CLM functionality, while also exchanging relevant and timely contract data with other related operating systems.

Implementing Contraxx empowered by Exxtractor-AI along with Connect-API can drastically maximize the way larger organizations operate by enabling AI-driven decision making with the power of enterprise data. Contraxx can streamline and simplify both the complexity and volume of data within enterprise companies. The Contraxx full platform solution can also provide important insights that help identify negotiating opportunities and term preferences for consideration in planning for  future contracted operations.

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We achieved an immediate 25% decrease in time it takes to generate contracts.

- Kunal Dharia, Project Manager for Blue Shield of California