Why Contraxx™

Unleash the power of the Contraxx platform

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How Can Our CLM Benefit You?

Implementing Contraxx empowered by Exxtractor-AI™ along with Connect-API™ as a full platform, stable contract management solution can drastically clean up the way a larger organization operates by making activities and workflows more cohesive and transparent.

Contraxx has mastered unique CLM needs based on our customer’s industry — incorporating continuous customer feedback to improve the solution. As a result, Contraxx can manage complex contracting processes in enterprise environments that have multiple legal entities, multistate operations and contract types, and highly differentiated process flows. The power of the full Contraxx platform can streamline and simplify the complexity of data within enterprise companies. Contraxx can also offer up important insights that help identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies and improve planning for the future.

Tailoring Contraxx to be an industry specific extension to your business, we can provide differentiated solutions based on your requirements. This means whether your industry is health care or education or another we configure a solution right for you.

Why Ecteon and the Powerful Contraxx Solution?

  • Customer-proven for complex contracting processes
  • Full-functional breadth that easily evolves with business change
  • AI-enabled, smart contracting automation with our latest Exxtractor-AI™ module
  • Best-in-class CLM that easily integrates and powers the enterprise with our Connect-API module
  • Configurability to your requirements
  • Saves time and costs
  • Increased accuracy
  • Decreased risk
  • Don’t miss deadlines
  • Roles clarified and accountable
  • Efficient and effective regulatory compliance
  • Easy to use
  • Long-term, stable partnerships with our clients and vendors
  • We are not only headquartered and staffed in the U.S., our software is also developed here too

The Outcome?

Our customers have achieved ROI among many other stated objectives with our solution, such as:

  • Reduced contract search times from weeks to minutes
  • Met state-specific regulatory requirements while maintaining compliance in a consistent enterprise-wide system solution
  • Reduced contract cycle times by orders of magnitude, reducing costs and accelerating revenue cycles.

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Maximum Flexibility

Leverage highly secured role-based access, and user-interface profiles to create a customized experience for each user.

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Support and manage complex contracting processes across any number of operations and entities to gain the efficiencies from integration.

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Adaptive Workflow Modeling

Keep pace with your evolving processes using our powerful workflow-modeling platform.

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Managed Risk & Compliance 

Maintain data integrity, confidentiality, and meet privacy requirements with sophisticated privacy software and audited compliance.

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Accelerated Productivity 

Save time, money and energy using an efficient system that automates both standard and many of the most complex processes so you can focus on what matters most to you.

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Facilitated Implementation 

Hit the ground running with an assisted, end-to-end implementation designed for collaboration among all parties.

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Don't Just Take Our Word for it

"Ecteon delivers on its promises – the Contraxx system is not only easy to use, easily customizable, it’s very powerful in its capabilities."

- Ken M., Southern California Edison, Major North American Electric Utility