Contraxx™ Benefits

11 Major Benefits Supports All Departments in Your Enterprise Organization

11 Major Benefits Supports All Departments in Your Enterprise Organization

Maximum Flexibility

We know the only constant is how unique our client’s needs are. Leverage highly secured role-based access, and user-interface profiles to create a customized experience for each user.



Ours has been the Leading Enterprise Contract Management Solution for 30+ Years. Today’s innovation in our two modules (AI-enabled and API integration) combined with the most current Contraxx to unleash the power of your contract data across the enterprise, increasing in value and ROI.


Adaptive Workflow Modeling

Keep pace with your evolving processes using our powerful workflow-modeling platform. The Contraxx workflow-modeling platform adapts to evolving customer process and security policies. It can be deployed across multiple corporate footprints — giving our customers a fully functional system with the depth and breadth they need to manage complex contracting environments and processes.

For example, Contraxx’s self-administration platform gives users the power to define data, establish and change workflow processes, add new contract types, add new departments or separate organizations, add drop-down menus, and change layouts. Security flags can be initiated to set levels of access to information to specific departments or users.


Detailed Document Tracking

The powerful workflow-modeling platform tracks when agreements are changed and the system creates a history so users can track a document’s complete journey from creation to amendment to final signature and renewal, while noting who was involved in managing the life cycle process.


Automated Processes

With Contraxx automated workflow processes, contract managers are assured that approvals, notifications, and alerts go into effect for every contract at the right time and involve the right people. Any gap or delay in workflow is immediately flagged for prompt resolution.


Managed Risk & Compliance

Maintain data integrity, confidentiality, and meet privacy requirements with sophisticated privacy software and audited compliance. In privacy- and security-sensitive environments, risks must be avoided and timely resolved. Complete compliance must be documented to satisfy various federal mandates such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley, or for regulatory agencies like OSHA or FDA. Individual states also have mandated reporting and compliance requirements. In addition, data security has taken on even greater importance in this era of increasingly sophisticated hacking and data breaches.

To minimize risk and prevent lapses in compliance and security, it’s essential to keep close watch on critical regulatory requirements and reporting deadlines. Contraxx supports these functions in all types of contracts and datasets by:

  • Accelerating the entire pre-signature process while complying to regulations
  • Minimizing risk of missing any key contracts (e.g. renewals or deliveries) through email alerts and calculated formulas
  • Minimizing legal exposure with authoring and modeling tools
  • Accessing actual contract language of all contracts immediately through full-text search
  • Ensuring information goes only to authorized users, ensuring overall secured access and privacy compliance
  • Employing an open, standard-based model through protocols such as XML, SQL, and web services.
  • Secure User-Defined Access

The Contraxx suite provides a business-useful contract information repository, accessible to both local and off-site employees through LAN, WAN, or the Internet. Contract information can be shared through an enterprise, using security flags to ensure that appropriate access is granted according to the type of business user.



Accelerated Productivity

The hallmark of any management system is how much time it saves you. Save time, money and energy using an efficient system that automates both standard and many of the most complex processes so you can focus on what matters most to you. Improve customer relationships with increased productivity.

Complex enterprise environments can quickly complicate and impact the contract life cycle process from creation to renewal. We understand that enterprises can’t spare time trying to locate a displaced contract and can’t waste resources manually obtaining approvals on agreements.

With Contraxx in place, our customers have improved productivity in their respective departments and across the enterprise by reducing contract search times from weeks to minutes, meeting state-specific regulatory requirements while maintaining consistent system-wide structure, and significantly trimmed contract request times. All of these outcomes have positively impacted our customers’ productivity and efficiency—a critical aspect of any successful enterprise.


On-Site Training

Facilitated training with our CLM experts ensure all staff, regardless of department or position, are able to use the system in a time-efficient, energy-saving manner. Additionally, 24/7 access to our customer support ensures users are not wasting valuable resources.


Turnkey Integrations

With our Connect-API™ module, Contraxx easily integrates with other corporate enterprise systems to exchange any information or processes tracked in Contraxx. It also has built-in integrations with DocuSign, e-Sign Live/One-Span, and Adobe products, and other specialized products. Tools such as XML, SQL and ODMA interact with our Java-based System, providing a standard approach to data conversions and system interfaces, with no custom programming required.


Facilitated Implementation

Hit the ground running with an assisted, end-to-end implementation designed for collaboration among all parties. We are with you every step of the way and even beyond.

Your Contraxx implementation can be accomplished in as few as three to four weeks, without programming-level customization. Our skilled Senior Client Partners come to your location to conduct in-depth fact-finding with your contract manager and key personnel. They’ll assess all your current business processes related to contract management, including those that may not typically be thought of as contract-intensive functions such as HR systems or email. We then take that information and tailor the design and implementation of Contraxx to your needs.


Coherent Implementation Process

Our expert teams follow the general implementation process for a smooth project management experience throughout the whole project life cycle.