Contraxx™ Features

Nearly 100 Features in 9 Prominent Areas


Central Contract Repository

  • Ability to track any information regarding the contract
  • Dates – Effective, Expiration
  • Terms (AutoRenewal, Fixed, Perpetual)
  • All internal and external contacts
  • Any Contract Type with their own unique information)
  • Contract Hierarchies
  • Financial Obligations
  • Action Items
  • Amendment Tracking
  • Unlimited Fields
  • Customized Tabs


Contract Request

  • Streamline end-user requests via a wizard-driven questionnaire to ensure all needed information is provided/minimal end-user training
  • Contract Authoring
  • Automatically generate contract templates (fill in the blank, provision library options and automatically created based on business rules)
  • Data Capture of meta data fields and all contract provisions synched up from Word document into Contraxx Version Control – both templates and 3rd party paper
  • Provision Library – Standard, Alternatives, Custom – track SME, dates and any other meta data elements per Provision



  • Pre and Post Signature workflow based on Serial or Parallel business rules
  • Manage both steps in the process and approvals
  • Email-based approvals – users do not have to be logged in to Contraxx to approve
  • Metrics on length of negotiation and notifications when steps are held up


Email Notifications

  • Proactive email notifications for any key date
  • Any frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually etc.)
  • Custom email messages with embedded information from contract record
  • Include attachments in email message such as copy of contract
  • Escalations of incomplete tasks


Risk Assessment

  • Perform due diligence steps such as risk-to-review process
  • Ensure all documents, approvals, steps are followed

Document Repository

  • Ability to attach any document or file type to contract, company records
  • Full text search across all documents
  • Document Retention


Counterparty Company Management

  • Unlimited addresses and contact information
  • Track all company name alias
  • Contract Hierarchies (Parent/Child relationships)
  • Scorecards – track KPIs
  • Incident Tracking
  • Action Items
  • Documents (insurance, pricing)
  • Any other pertinent information such as Products/Services provided


Search and Reporting

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use search screens on all information tracked
  • Advanced search using bullion logic
  • Reporting – links to records, drill down/drill across
  • Scheduled reports – any frequency send to any party
  • Add any to dashboards
  • Graphs
  • Export to Excel, Word or PDF



  • Unlimited fields, each field can have any value (drop down, dates, %, currency etc.)
  • All changes can be made by customer System Administration
  • Full Audit Trail of all changes made to a field
  • Security by screen, data values (contract values for example), field, document, reports