Product Innovation Driver of Ecteon’s Latest Recognition: Company of the Year 2020 Award from Healthcare Insights

Client Value, Product Innovation, and Outstanding Customer Service Helps Ecteon Continually Rise to the Top

NASHVILLE, Tenn., December 16, 2020  Ecteon (, the national leader in providing contract lifecycle management (CLM) software for some of the top enterprise, healthcare organizations, was named Company of the Year by Healthcare Insights Magazine, a medical publication that serves as a healthcare guide. Ecteon was chosen as the company of the year because of its cutting-edge product innovation, outstanding customer service, and its commitment to increase the value for healthcare providers through comprehensive contract management tools.

“We are honored to be named Company of the Year by Healthcare Insights,” said Richard Eckerstrom, CEO of Ecteon. “This recognition reinforces our commitment to help our healthcare clients streamline contract management and save valuable time and resources.”

Healthcare-related contract management is becoming increasingly more costly for internal contracting and compliance management resources. According to a recent study by Black Book Market Research, healthcare providers spent nearly $157 billion on manual contract management in the last year. With so much at stake for healthcare organizations, reducing their exposure is critical.  

Contraxx™, Ecteon’s enterprise-wide contract management software solution, simplifies the time-consuming and expensive process of managing all stages of contracts while automating changing regulations, reducing operating costs, and mitigating financial and contract risk. When Ecteon’s own patented artificial intelligence software, Exxtractor-AI™ and another recently launched new enterprise integration module, Connect-API™ are combined with Contraxx, this complete software platform further reduces the complexity of managing contracts across multiple enterprise boundaries and greatly enhances the entire organizational value of the resulting contract management software solution. With the innovation of both modules Exxtractor-AI and Connect-API and Contraxx, Ecteon powerfully raises the industry bar for delivering time and cost efficiencies and reducing contracting risks.

“There are so many nuances when working with complex healthcare systems,” said Richard Eckerstrom, CEO of Ecteon. “At Ecteon, we’re driven to help healthcare companies manage the complexity and reduce the challenges associated with capturing the many policy and regulatory changes.”

About Ecteon, Inc.

Ecteon is a contract management software company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Its premier enterprise-level contract management software system, Contraxx, helps companies manage complex contracting requirements. Ecteon offers unique insights that enable customers to effectively and reliably manage their entire contract life cycle. Ecteon is a 100% employee-owned, private U.S. corporation. Ecteon has long-term, stable partnerships with referenceable customers across a wide range of vertical markets and industries such as media and entertainment, retail, energy, banking, insurance, and health care. Some of its most recognizable clients include Blue Shield of California, Dick’s Sporting Goods, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Universal Music, Meredith Entertainment, and Kaiser Permanente. For more information, visit or follow them on Linkedin.