Seven Deadly Sins of Contract Management Installation

Contracts are the essential beating heart of any construction business. They define relationships with owners, legal and finance partners, and subcontractor service providers. Contracts define deliverables and schedules; are necessary to keep cash flowing in a timely manner; and define performance for the ever-increasing task of government approvals. Finally, contracts carefully and specifically assign and manage risk.

But with all that paper, it may seem that getting onto the jobsite becomes a secondary activity. A contract management system (CMS) can help expedite those chores, get you out of the office, and maybe even encourage a good night’s sleep by reducing the worry factor.

To maintain a good night’s sleep through the CMS implementation process, however, means avoiding roadblocks and barriers that can derail your CMS. Here is a checklist of seven things to avoid during the implementation process.

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Article first appeared in Modern Contractor Solutions magazine July 2016. Byline contribution by Richard Eckerstrom, CEO of Ecteon.