Contraxx: Your total solution to contract management

Managing your contract life cycle — your way — from start to finish


Just as a patient with a heart condition seeks out an expert cardiologist instead of a general practitioner, our customers look to Contraxx as the seasoned, industry-adaptive specialist to manage their critical agreements.

Whatever your industry, whatever your organization’s size, whatever your operating and regulatory constraints, if your business contracts are becoming increasingly more complex and challenging, Contraxx can help. Unlike many other contract management systems, Contraxx is almost infinitely configurable to your specific requirements — in effect, it’s a system designed just for you, by you.

We’ve made it easy for you to select from a wide range of features, configure your tailor-made system, and get it up and running in less time than you ever thought possible.

Central Repository

Every contract, every document, is accessible in a single location, organized in a simple structure that aligns with your company operations.

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Intelligent/Intuitive Contract Creation

Smart contract creation that leverages automation, adapts to change and offers control all while making the process seamless, intuitive and effortless for users.

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Sophisticated Workflow

Define hierarchies and approvals to manage risk and stay compliant. Adaptive workflows designed around your business needs; with extensive flexibility.

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Notifications & Alerts 

Once a contract is signed, Contraxx helps you stay on top of important dates, obligations and deliverables. Never miss another contract expiration, earned rebate or discount milestone.

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Compliance & Proactive Risk Assessment

Stay ahead of evolving regulatory requirements and identify compliance risks early on.

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Counterparty Company Management

Total visibility into those individuals and companies that you contract with: understand their relationships, track their credentials and monitor their performance.

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Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Analytics and performance data at your fingertips, helping you make more informed decisions, see more clearly and respond more quickly.

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A scalable, flexible system architecture that allows you to take full control of managing your own processes, policies and procedures and adapt as they change. Complete administrative control in your hands.

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Flexible Deployment Options

Safe, secure, anywhere, anytime access to all your contracting information with flexible cloud or premise-based hosting options based in the U.S.

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Don't Just Take Our Word for it

"I am impressed by the flexibility of the software when I need to customize reports and documents on the fly or quickly address process changes in the workflow assignment. Wow! and Awesome! are two of the most frequent comments I have received about the automation of our contract processes achieved through the use of Contraxx."

- Mona P., Major HR Payroll & EAP Solutions Company