Maximum Flexibility

We know the only constant is how unique our client’s needs are.

Whatever Your Needs, We Can Make It Happen

Contraxx puts the power of contract management in your hands, on your terms. You define how the system will work for you based on specific management policies and practices. Contraxx has been designed from the ground up to manage complex contracting processes in enterprise environments that have multiple legal entities, multistate operations, contract types, process flows, and more.

Why is Ecteon dedicated to creating tailored CLM software systems that mirror complex contracting enterprise environments? Because a lab developed system does not work for every enterprise—each of our customers and their industries is nuanced in how they manage their contracts, so they need a solution that mirrors their specific company policies and practices.

With its comprehensive, integrated solution approach and technical platform flexibility, Contraxx solves all of your current and future contracting-related process needs.

Rigorously Tested and Improved-Upon

Contraxx is more than tailored CLM software, it’s a business system solution that has been developed with and tested by real customers whose enterprises rely on efficient, accurate, and fast contract management. Contraxx is highly configurable and can be tailored to reflect and integrate with each company’s policies and processes, enterprise-wide.

Customers choose Ecteon because we help them deal with the intricacies of contract life cycle management on their own terms. Contraxx gives customers the power to create, track, and search contracts from signing to completion — while insuring compliance with existing company and regulatory policies and processes.

Configurable Reporting Tools

Contract managers can report on the status of contracts across the enterprise using tools that offer both standard dashboard views and tailored reports using scheduled reporting or ad hoc queries.

Don't Just Take Our Word for it

"Ecteon was exceptionally understanding and flexible and came with the right attitude and intent to help us and make our system more successful. They took the time with us to really understand the contracting business process that we go through to create our documents and that helped our team get better aligned with evolving contracting practices."

- Michael A., Product and Marketing Operations Manager for Blue Shield of CA