Adaptive Workflow Modeling

We know our clients need more than a mere document repository, so we constantly innovate to deliver more

Automate and Track Your Unique Contract Workflows

The Contraxx workflow-modeling platform adapts to evolving customer process and security policies. It can be deployed across multiple corporate footprints — giving our customers a fully functional system with the depth and breadth they need to manage complex contracting environments and processes.

For example, Contraxx’s self-administration platform gives users the power to define data, establish and change workflow processes, add new contract types, add new departments or separate organizations, add drop-down menus, and change layouts. Security flags can be initiated to set levels of access to information to specific departments or users.

Detailed Document Tracking

The powerful workflow-modeling platform tracks when agreements are changed and the system creates a history so users can track a document’s complete journey from creation to amendment to final signature and renewal, while noting who was involved in managing the life cycle process.

Automated Processes

With Contraxx automated workflow processes, contract managers are assured that approvals, notifications, and alerts go into effect for every contract at the right time and involve the right people. Any gap or delay in workflow is immediately flagged for prompt resolution.

Don't Just Take Our Word for it

"BST teams can now see from start to finish all of the activities that occurred with an agreement and who executed those activities. This holistic picture was critical to us taking the system to the next level and we ended up doing a complete restructuring of the language and contract repository to take advantage of this critically important feature."

- Joannie M., Dekra, Large Workplace Safety Consulting Services Company