Take Control of Your Complex Contracting Environment

Our solution adapts to your company policy and processes across the enterprise.

Learn Why Contraxx

The Next Generation of CLM Software

Contraxx is the innovative contract management software system that manages all stages of contracts from request, thru negotiation to post signature obligation management. Ecteon has built our software to evolve with our customers’ changing requirements to reduce contract lifecycle times, increase contract creation efficiency, customize complex workflows, and ensure compliance, and contract SLAs and obligations are met.

No two businesses are the same. Volume, strict regulatory limitations, and organizational structure all add complexity to enterprise environments. Fortunately, we build solutions to simplify intricate company requirements. Talk to our industry experts to see how we can meet your company’s unique needs.

How We're Different

Feature-Rich Capabilities

With an eye always toward cycle time reduction and your specific workflow requirements, we meet customer’s changing business needs so Contraxx is always working for you. We deliver Contract Management on Your Terms.

Integrated Solutions

Contraxx API toolkit allows for seamless flow of information to and from other enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, Document Management and eSignature providers.

Flexible Implementation

Our depth of understanding of best contracting practices for your specific industry yields successful implementations and a vision for future innovation.

Don't Just Take Our Word for it

"Ecteon’s extensive experience with complex contracting processes, competitive pricing, and rapid implementation timeline made them the obvious choice."

- Kunal D., Project Manager for Blue Shield of California